Monday, February 25, 2013

8 Weeks to Now

8 weeks into the year already and what a whirlwind it's been. Only now am starting to work on new stock for upcoming shows. I've never known a start of the year to be so busy with commissions!!! It's wonderfully stressful (if that's possible).

Here's some images of what I've been working on...


LOTS and LOTS of what I call "Freelace" where I make my own fabric using machie embroidery and novelty yarns such and torn sari silk. Expect to lots of this in the coming seasons.

Right: Lampshade 12"x12" in purples & greens

Making Freelace Stage 1.... LOTS of pins!!! This piece went on to become the toe plugs for some very snazzy handmade moccasin style loafers.
 She was so happy with them she already ordered a second pair before they even came back from the cobblers!!!!

More images  of the shoes coming soon

The very special Freelace skirt below was made especially for the Mother of the Groom for a beautiful New Zealand wedding! It's made from 6 panels of Freelace to include 6 pleat inserts. Its fully lined with side zip and button closure.

This fandangled Rara Skirt was made for one very lucky London lass! The multifibre tiers use workroom remnants too pretty to throw lovingly stiched over layers of gathered soft netting and not complete without a sparkley elasticated sequin waistband. Fix for a punk rock fairy princess!

This represents a happy day, posting lots of orders! 2 Printed Fleece Blazers, 1 Ringleader Coat and 2 Large Braid & Leather Bags

Last but least here's a sneak peek of what's to come so get ready to 'walk like an egyptian' in this fab Cleopatra inspired fairisle snood....