Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Look out for ElizaLeren!

We're tickled pink for our very good friends and Crooked House regulars Bambi and Cole. As part of the furniture round these parts we were thrilled when they burst in and broadcasted in stereo "WE'RE GETTING A SHOP!!" This is no small achievement for two girls who are still at university and I have to admit I'm just a wee bit jealous. Megan and I went to visit the shop on Green Lane for the first time yesterday to see it before it get's painted and in a word - it's perfect, for what will be ElizaLeren Boutique. So those of you out there looking for something completely different at competative high street prices get down to the big opening and check it out on March 10th, and for and extra 5% off be one of the first 50 people to like this page. Congratulations girls! Mwah x

Menswear like you don't care.

Here's the first ever mens jumper from Crooked Knitwear. It's  of course 100% handmade and took two days to make. I know it's supposed to be for the guys but how badly do I want want one?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Booty Tooch Skirt!

Yes it is a picture of her bum!
Megan's newest creation, like nothing she's made before and in which she periodically breaks out into the "booty tooch" dance. Jumping round corners and swaggering around the house like a proffessional, er... swaggerrer? Think summer knitwear meets rave princess in flamingo pinks with unmissable florescent orange fringing. Literally as I type Meg is next to me wildly shaking her hips and shouting "Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle Yeah!"

24 Hours 24 Models

Ok, so I know that this from way back in Novemeber but for those who maybe haven't seen it yet here's the trailer for the 24 Models 24 Hours photo shoot for Children in Need featuring our own Miss Megan Crook bathed in warm autumn sunlight, looking gorgeous in front of the coolest  vintage VW Camper van. The whole thing was master-minded by Ewan Mathers and Holly Booth, two fantastic Derby photographers who we're also good enough to make a book out of the photos from the day which you can by here, all proceeds of course go to Children in Need. 

The full 16min video is here on Youtube.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Tom Bailey

Had a visit from one of our favorite Derby entities, Mr Tom Bailey, singer/songwriter for The Longford Family Band and self-proclaimed drunk poet who was good enough to remind me that his new website Record of the Self now holds all of his poems, stories and articles. I'm particularly fond of his poetry, Nan's House stands out to me as a modern elegy to afternoons with your dear old Grandma that speaks of warmth and unconditional compassion. Tom also has a new book of poems that he has self published in true style. I haven't got a copy yet but you can be sure to hear about it when I do. In the mean time indulge yourself  on this

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Step Inside the Crooked House

In a crooked town, on a crooked street, in a Crooked House Megan and Bambi are busy in the workshop hatching up Bambi's outfits for the photo shoot in March. From downstairs I can hear the rhythmic whirring of the knitting machines. With only five weeks to go preparations are in full swing for our mini festival come fashion shoot. For those of you who haven't popped by yet here's a peek into the workshop where all the magic happens. You join us at a very exiting time and we've put together this blog to make sure you don't  miss out on any of the details. You can look forward to all the behind the scenes action, stories and photos and so much more. Please check out the events page for news of shows, designer open studios and loads of other great events not just taking place in Derby but all over the country. You can also find news on the up and coming re-launch of the Crooked Knitwear website in April. So as you can see we've got lots to do, best get cracking!
So much to do so little time.