Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Secret Garden Party!

X Marks The Spot:

Here you will find....

Secret Garden Party Round two! What a fantastic festival! The Secret Garden Party is extremely liberating you can wear whatever you like with no judgments and with the wonderful setting what more could you want from a festival (especially if you like to dress loud and proud).

Megan wearing a beautiful headdress made by one of the Crooked Crew! And a special mention for best purchase of the festival, a gorgeous crown made by Wolf & Moon. Megan looks like a beautiful Spring Princess wearing it.

We had lots of lovely customers who looked great in their Crooked purchases with some even leaving their own clothes behind to be thrown away! Here are some pictures of just a few beautiful Crooked customers...

Above are some fabulous twins who both purchased the Pom Pom play suits! We also had some male twins that we decked head to toe in Crooked which was definitely a highlight of the festival!!

We were running the Bum Bag Workshops again and above is a very happy Bum Bag Workshopper with his brilliant creation in fluorescent leather.

It wasn't just the people dressed in Crooked that looked fabulous there were some great things to see at Secret Garden Party. Here are some pictures that showcase the weird and wonderful with the 'Beyond the Yellow Brick Road' theme...

Other highlights that we were having too much fun to take a picture of:

Fireworks on Saturday night turned the entire sky gold with glittery bubbles let off during the intermission. The best way to describe it is to say it was like a magical explosion of happiness in the sky

The Labyrinth stage in a secret location was amazing and had amazing production with silhouettes holding umbrellas hanging from the tress so that it looked as though they were blowing away!

The sunflower field that was only accessible through a door inside of a portaloo! Turning a portaloo into a portal, such a brilliant idea.

The paint fight by main stage with clouds of colour bursting everywhere!

Last but not least we have to mention our very entertaining neighbours Opposuits who kept us laughing all weekend. It was so great to see how much fun they could have selling suits. The irony of the playfulness of their suits was so lovely to see... 

The only way to describe Secret Garden Party is to say that it is like spending some time in the magical surroundings of an artists mind. An amazing festival with so much to see and do. Thank you to all of those who came and saw us and hope to see you again!

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