Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Glastonbury was a whirlwind adventure to a crazy festival world that was not too dissimilar from Wonderland! On our first night there we traveled up through the Stone Circle meandering through a sea of people and candles that created a fantastic buzz on the hill. When we reached the top we looked out across the festival and were marveled by the sheer scale of it! There were twinkly lights for miles that made it look like a beautiful city-scape. We were all amazed by how huge it was and couldn't wait to explore!

Unforgettable moments...

Pom Pom Shorts success!! These adorable shorts were a hit and brought lots of people flocking to the stall! They sold out meaning lots of festival go-ers were shaking their pom poms over the weekend!

PAPPED! A lovely lady bought the tie dye Artisan Blouse from us only to return the next day to say she had been papped by Style magazine wearing it!
Here is the Splash Print Artisan Blouse 

Whistle while we work! Everyday we had fantastic music to keep the Crooked Crew dancing through the day on the stall! Below is a video whilst a band called Duncan Disorderly & The Scallywags were rockin' on right in front of us! This is the life...

One of the most important things you need when considering going to a festival is a bum bag: a practical accessory that is easy and safe. But what about if you could have a bum bag that is not only practical, easy and safe but also made by you with fluorescent leather! The bum bag workshops run by Crooked Knitwear were fantastic and all the bum bags that were made looked fantastic! I must admit when out and about lots of people were interested in my creation!

Part of the Crooked Crew on the stall with bum bags!

Megan getting her make up done by Penelope Gweneth Thompson-Griffin and then looking beautiful in front of the fluorescent leather used for the bum bags!

Also if you noticed Megan's fantastically blue mermaid hair then you should know that we dyed it at Glastonbury which was superbly impractical but sufficiently hilarious! Using ice cold tap water to wash out hair dye is definitely not the one, but then neither was turning the Greenpeace eco-friendly shower completely blue the next day!! 

Despite some beautiful sunshine Glastonbury festival was also hit by some particularly persistent rain! Armed with poles to push the pools of water off the roof of the stall, we battled against the elements to fight off waves of water that would come crashing down...(somehow always onto my unsuspecting face haha!)
It was definitely welly weather!!

Occasionally, we all got some time off to go enjoy the fantastic music that Glastonbury had to offer with our favourite performances from London Grammer, Paolo Nutini, Bombay Bicycle Club, Gentlemen's Dub Club, Tinariwen and Rev Peyton's Big Damn Band. We had a fantastic time and there are lots more bands that we saw that were awesome too. The great music coupled with the fantastic production of the festival made it such a memorable experience


The winner of most adorable visitor to the Crooked Knitwear stall goes to...

After a fabulous week at Glastonbury with some amazing people it was time to pack up the van and set off home for a nice warm bath...Bye Bye Glasto...until next year!

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  1. looks fabulous Megan, I am so pleased you did so well xxx