Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Secret Garden Party

This last month or so has been an absolute whirlwind, working constantly for a photo shoot then three back to back festivals, Barnes Fair, Larmer Tree Festival and Secret Garden Party. Making new stock on the odd days in between ready for the festivals. SGP was the most intense festival experience I've ever had, a Disney Land for adults, I wonder what these crazy people are like in real life. I made a lot of friends and amazing contacts, sold loads of new and old stock, including three pairs of legging to men!! All in all a win win situation. The response Crooked Knitwear has had made all the hard work worth while.
My Stall at SGP!!!
I had some amazing people come and visit my stall, Big Brother 2010 winner Josie Gibson tried on a dress, a few alterations then the dress will be hers forever. Cabaret super star Lady Rizo was performing at SGP and stopped by my stall  and bought herself a jump suit and the head of productions for SGP bought the Liberty Fleece Blazer that will be featured in Marie Claire next month.

Moccasin making workshop.
The moccasin making workshop was a huge success! I had all colour options out on display, including  new fluorescent lambskin which some people wanted to buy as capes, I prepared all the pieces that the customers needed in their chosen colours then gave a step by step tutorial on how to make their very own moccasins.
Workshop Prep
Workshop prep

The finished product!!
I also did alterations on site, making jeans into shorts and maxi dresses into a harem jumpsuit, it was a very busy and incredible 5 days, I loved every minute and cant wait to go back next year!! Here's a few images I took to try and capture the amazing time that I had!!

Van overloaded!!

Newly prepped stock

First night at SGP <3

Light display over the lake

Very happy customer in new disco lace dress.

The site was so huge!!

Going home with empty hangers!! That's what I like to see!

Campsite after math

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