Monday, July 15, 2013

Crooked Photo Shoot

Last week we photographed my new products for the website, it was an incredible day and the whole team were amazing. Derby based photographer Adam Morris, hair stylist Alison Jenner and make up artist Cristina Lazzarotto, along with 4 Derbyshire based models, Liuda Mi, Sunni Dehal and Rosa and Frankie Dolcimascolo. I'm really excited to see the finished photos and share my new products with you, here's a few (a lot) of photos from the day and a sneak peek at some of my new lines.  =)

Cristina and Alison getting the girls ready for the day!
Hair products and make up took over the Crooked house!

Sunni wearing the botanical garden jersey dress. Me helping with the shot =)

Frankie wearing one of my new jersey dresses.

All the girls wearing a selection of new dresses to update website banner.

Frankie wearing the new Liberty print parka (I LOOOOOVE IT)

Frankie and Liuda together wearing my Liberty collection.

Rosa wearing a ladder front top and me running round, as I did all day, in my debut action shot!!

Sunni wearing one of a Liberty print silk dresses and freelace jacket.
Adam looking at his handy work,! Frankie and Liuda melting in some new knitwear.

Frankie in one of my snoods and me making sure everything is perfect!!

Rosa and Frankie in ladder tops, leggings and leather panel and me adjusting again!!

After a long, hard (and very hot) day we made our way home!!
That's a wrap!!!

Photos of new products will be up on the website within the next few weeks, I will keep you all posted for the launch of these new clothes. I'm already working on some new products ready for the next photo shoot ;)

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