Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A word about the weather

So we've decided to make arrangements to compensate for the impending weather ie. apparently it's going to chuck it down.. Do not fret though, we'll just been moving the celebrations indoors where there will be an indoor theatre screening of the videogrpahy. Also we will be serving nibbles and drinks including some home made sangria from 2pm until 8pm so come early to partake of our hospitality. Remember you'll also have a chance to peruse through our new collection so don't forget your purses ladies as we've got new stock coming out of our ear holes and we're also extra exited by all the new fabrics that arrived yesterday that we spent most of yesterday afternoon chewing the fat over. We've also finally went through an X factor style process of finalizing our choices for photos we're going to exhibit on Saturday so we're off to the printers today, it was agonising choosing our favourites out of so many fabulous shots but we think you'll all be impressed. I'm also particularly exited about the progress we've made on the website, products are being uploaded and everything is almost ready to go! So exiting! So as I've probably mentioned about a dozen times, can't wait to see you all on Saturday!

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