Monday, April 2, 2012

Pushing the Boat Out

Well it's been an interesting week in the Crooked House, we've had some great feedback about our day at the Clockworks and now we're looking forward to getting ready for the launch party on April 21st. We've been catching up on commissions and Megan put in a performance on Wednesday as a guest creative professional at the Quad, lending her expertise and advice to young Derby creative. Now we're getting set for the big Crooked House reshuffle so soon we will have a new attic workroom in which we'll be hosting Crooked House workshops so all you budding designers and makers can pick up some exclusive mad skills from our own Megan Crook. Megan is also taking a well earned holiday in Berlin this week where she'll be sporting the new collection for the first time, which leaves little ole me captaining the Crooked ship this week.  Also I'm pleased to see our entrepreneurial friends ElizaLeren getting some great publicity lately, they've been featured in today's Derby Telegraph with an article about their boutique on Green Lane which you should all check out and you can read the article here. Not only that but Bambi managed to find her way into a national Ugandan publication New Vision  courtesy of one a favourite blogger of ours, Isaac Fashionare256.  Nice one guys.

Courtesy of Fashionaire256

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