Wednesday, March 25, 2015

10 Years Celebration

This past weekend we hosted a celebration in my Derbyshire home studio to commemorate ten years in business. We've held annual Open Studios for a number of years but this is definitely the most effort made.
The displays of colourful creations are full to the brim, we've been very busy bees, and spent a full day baking a delectable array of tasty treats. Funfetti cake batter popcorn; Salted caramel and chocolate covered pretzels; Fairy bites; Tiedye butterfly inside cake; and my personal favourite White chocolate rocky road Yum yum yum!
There have so many birthdays here that I've lost count how times I've had cake for breakfast in the last two weeks. (Sorry not sorry) Once again the kitchen was transformed into an adorable tea room for the weekend welcoming guests with a
sweet feast.
To really get in the birthday spirit we made gift
 bags from beautiful offcuts. Each one filled with home made pompom key chains, specially engraved pens and packets of sunflower seeds.

Its hard to believe its been 10 years since starting this colourful journey. So much has changed, especially in the last 2 years since working with Liberty Art Fabrics. We have beautiful new equipment, an impressive stockpile of materials, lovely new members of the team and just keep getting busier!
I often feel such warming gratitude but the flip side of growing success is overwhelming stress. Its not all rose tinted glasses, these ten years have been long and painful at times but I couldn't be more in love with what I do.
I had an epiphany while cleaning the bathroom for the Open Studio. Although only being able to hand knit when first setting up Crooked Knitwear my work has evolved exponentially and stands proudly amongst some of the best makers in the country. (But I'm still not above scrubbing the loo)
Here's to the next 10 years of building colourful dreams, accomplishing goals and loving life.
Stay BRIGHT!!! xxx

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