Sunday, December 2, 2012

New Crackin Colours and Vintage Delights

The Quirky, Handmade and Vintage Fair in Melbourne was an absolute joy today! Met lots of lovely people wanting to come to the Open Studio (Dec 14-15th don't forget) sold some Yarn Necklaces and took a few commissions :) It definitely felt worth staying up so late working on new colourways. With all the sari and handpainted silks that arrived this week I just couldn't resist and still have more fancy yarns on the way!
The Yarn Necklace is my best seller at only £20 or 2 for £30!
 There are no colours options on the site
( ) because you can see below there are just too many colours to choose from and change all the time.  Remember it is not an exact science, the main materials I use are hand painted and recycled sari silk so each one is slightly unique!
This is what I call a good time #ilovemyjob
Colours left to right: Charcoal, Purple/Brown, Aqua/Purple, Electric Lapis/Black, Forest, Fuchsia/Purple, Purple/Berry, Turquoise, Purple/Royal Blue, Blues, Black Multi
Colours left to right: Autumn Leaves/Brown/Gold, Burnt Orange, Turquoise Multi, Cherry Multi, Red/Nuetrals, Pale Green/Pale Blue, White/Pink/Gold, Navy/Red/Gold, Teal/Green/Gold, Emerald/Dark Green/Silver, Wasabi/Plum, Emerald Green, Black Multi

Colours left to right: Zebra/Rust, Aqua/Blue/Purple, Cerise/Pink, Cerise/Black/Purple, Orange/Yellow/Red, Baby Pink/Lilac, Red, Mauve/Nuetrals, Pinks/Browns, Red/Pink/Orange, Rainbow Multi, Red/Autumn Leaves

But it not all about me....check out these amazing vintage goodies I picked up at the show today!
Love my retro kitchen gear! Remember using a hand whisk like this as a child and the toasting fork is ideal for making breakie in my campervan. Amazing fresh tea in glass jars, Chai and Russian Caravan, can't wait to make a brew. And the amazing woven Welsh blanket will make at least 2 fabulous coats!!!! I'm so excited!  

What better way to end this weekend then to decorate the tree and sing carols with my little man! I hope you're all getting into the festive spirit as well xxx

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  1. you were a great addition to the fayre Megan and I love your blogg !! xxx