Wednesday, March 14, 2012

No Rest For The Wicked

Megan is working hard on outfit #17 for the new collection, I decided to have an impromptu interview with her to give you lovelies an incite into how things are going, it may be nearly midnight but she's still furiously sewing through a haze of conjunctivitis whilst I quiz her on the new stuff.

So what are you working on tonight?
Tonight I'm just finishing off a full length jumpsuit in some abstract Dali-esque fabric and then I'm moving on to a template for some Pocahontas meets Gladiator sandals.

 Are these going together?
Yes, basically because I need to give the cobblers time to sole the shows so this week I'm concentrating on outfits that need shoes.

Where did the inspiration for this outfit come from?
Well, I think the fabric really speaks for itself, as soon as I saw it I thought this would make a F***ing awesome jumpsuit and then the sandals... because I've been making the Pocahontas boots for a while I thought I'd love to make a sandal version and when I found the raspberry/fuchsia suede I thought it would be bang tidy. The jumpsuit is very much 1970's that you'd wear with wedges on a night out but because of the nature of the photo shoot I wanted to get a look that's more eclectic, something that would be fun and comfortable to wear to a festival.

Can you tell me about the new direction you have taken with this collection?
I want to get a bit more mainstream but I want to remain true to my textile roots. I've been on the Craft Fair circuit for years which tends to draw a more mature crowd but my work is so colourful and bright that people kept recommending that I take it to festivals. I really love the atmosphere at music festivals and I bought a camper van and really want to go on the road with Crooked Knitwear, this collection reflects that desire.

You're on outfit #17 now, so far what is your favourite new piece?
Maybe the boots I made last night, but it's really hard to choose. I'm just so exited about everything, I'm stressed but it's a good stressed.

What are these boots like then?
They're a bottle green suede short pull on boot with this really cool ethnic/tribal ribbon detailing and my multi-fibre fringing.

I've seen them they're fit.
Yeah (Laughs manically) I ran up your stairs and nearly woke you up to show you them.

I know you did you made me try them on in bed.


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